FAMILIAR (2012) – Review

Familiar (2012)

Familiar, from producer Zach Green and writer/director Richard Powell, is possibly one of the greatest psychological horror  films I’ve ever seen. In less than 25 minutes, Green and Powell succeeded in telling the story of a boring man named John with a wife and one daughter. John, played by Robert Nolan, narrates his life in a very poetic manner, explaining his very dull and unexciting life. To make things worse, John discovers his wife Charlotte is having another baby. This is where everything takes a wild turn.

During a very disturbing psychological meltdown, the “voice of reason” in John’s head turns the tables and begins to take control of him. It’s almost as if something inexplicably evil has possessed the already messed-up John.

Familiar at first seems like your average psychological horror short, but it then completely takes a sharp turn into something else. Something else meaning something so brilliantly terrifying, it will leave you at the very edge of your seat shivering. I haven’t seen much from Fatal Pictures, but now I am craving more.  And I am ashamed to say, that when I first watched the teaser trailer, I wasn’t expecting much. But, man, did I get much. Fatal Pictures’ work is much greater and deserves much more attention than what you see in today’s horror/thriller films.

In short, this is horror done correctly.

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