New “American Horror Story” Fan-made Horror Series made by fans, for fans!

American Horror Stories

In August 2013, American Horror Stories uploaded it’s first teaser in honor of the hit FX horror anthology series, “American Horror Story”.  Created by Michael Davis, Zachary Simon, and Jessie Jones, this YouTube fan-made webseries has sparked up over 700+ subscribers and has over 5k hits. On October 28th, they released their first episode entitled “Misery’s Company”.

One night, after watching a full season of AHS on Netflix, I decided to look up some old AHS promos and stumbled upon this little piece of treasury. I’ve watched every episode of American Horror Stories, and I must say, it is the best fan-made series I have seen so far on the web.  The writing of each episode is very well done and even better executed. Here is one of the bone-chilling promos created by these hardcore fans of the FX show, “American Horror Story”.

What do you think?

Since October 28th, American Horror Stories has had a total of four episodes in this first season that centers on a woman named Jessica who has recently moved into a wood-surrounded apartment complex, known as Coldhill Estates, after a stressing divorce. One thing Jessica didn’t look much into on her new home was the history. Coldhill has a very, very terrifying and nightmarish background. In American Horror Stories, terror takes a new form.

If you are interested in watching this American Horror Story dedicated series, click here for the full Playlists of all the episodes to date. You won’t regret it.

“American Horror Story: Asylum” Premieres on October 17th!


FX’s popular horror series was cancelled late last year. Then, on Halloween of 2011, the show was renewed to have a second season which was announced to be titled “Asylum” on August 1,2012.

This season is going to be a little confusing to the fans who watched the first season last year. Most of the cast members from last year’s season is going to be playing a completely different character. Plus, the setting of show will be different as well. The show will now be taking place in an insane asylum (which is why the show is now called “American Horror Story: Asylum”) with a very different storyline. Another exciting fact is that Adam Levine is making a special appearance in the FX mini series as well.


Maroon 5’s Adam Levine plays one half of a couple who are mainly known as “the lovers”. Levine’s newly wedded wife in show will be played by Jenna Dewan. The new season of American Horror Story will also have celebrity guests like James Cromwell, Chloe Sevigny, and Lizzie Brocheré. This is the only news we have so far on Adam Levine’s appearance on American Horror Story.

The new season premiere’s October 17th at 10pm on FX!

Check out a short promo for Asylum!


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