Evil Dead (2013) – Preview

Evil Dead


This coming April, a new remake of the movie “The Evil Dead” hits theaters. They are calling it “The most terrifying film you will ever experience”. From the looks of this trailer and the photos, it seems as if it will be the most terrifying film I will ever experience. The voices and the way the demonic zombie/creature things look is just very disturbing. I definitely will not be seeing this alone.

EVil Dead zombie

We can all expect a very gory film from Fede Alvarez, director and writer of Evil Dead. Demonic zombie upchucking blood onto victims, smiling severed heads, and people being shredded to pieces by chainsaws. That all sounds good right? Evil Dead sounds more of a extremely disturbing film than a scary one. All the kills are VERY gory.

“I think it’s when people go like ‘what’s going on?’, because everything you see is real, but you know it’s all make-believe-but at the end of the day she (character) has no arms and she’s walking in front of you pouring blood all over the place… And I remember somebody was telling me ‘I was sure that she had her arms somewhere’, then suddenly she (character) falls all over her arms, and people are trying to figure out the tricks (gory special effects). I love that interaction.” Director and writer Fede Alvarez said during an interview with Screenrant.

Check out the full redband trailer below, and tell us what you think!

Evil Dead hits theaters April 5, 2013!