Halloween Decorations!

Now, most of us in the horror atmosphere and who absolutely love Halloween have probably already started decorating our homes with creepy stuff. I know I have! Last night, we listened to some Halloween music and started decorating with the leftovers we had from last year. Have you started decorating yet?

Check out some of these pictures of our Halloween decorations so far!

Have you got any decorations up yet? Send me some pictures to me at rhfang.totallyhorror@gmail.com! Can’t wait to see them!

Spirit Halloween

by: RHfang


I went to Spirit Halloween last night and checked out some of their Halloween decorations and costumes. And as always, the decor was amazing! I have a few pictures that I will be posting onto the site later to show you how realistic the decor looks. Especially the masks.

Spirit Halloween also has great animatronics! There is a animatronic of ‘The Exorcist’ that moves really well, and looks horrifying!

I mainly went to help my Mom buy some scary decorations for a party. I know the house will look horrifying because of the work of Spirit Halloween store. Check out their website in the page ‘Horror Links’. Also, thanks Spirit Halloween for your awesome work! You guys are my favorite Halloween store!