Curse of Chucky – Behind the Scenes Photos released!


This week, three behind the scenes photos from the upcoming Child’s Play sequel, Curse of Chucky have been released to popular social media sites by Child’s Play writer and director Don Mancini and star of Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky, Jennifer Tilly! In these photos, you see glimpses of the reconstructed Chucky doll. You see minor differences in detail from the older Chucky movies, so we should be expecting many new things about the doll. Not only do you see the new Chucky doll, but you see star Fiona Dourif  (daughter of Brad Dourif, the famous voice of Chucky)!

Fiona plays the role of Nica, a young woman grieving over the gruesome suicide of her mother when her domineering older sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti) arrives with her young family in tow to help settle their mother’s affairs (ShockTillYouDrop).

Be on the look out for this Curse of Chucky this fall!

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Curse of Chucky CD Soundtrack cover was released on Fiona’s Instagram last month. Here, you see the full face of the new Chucky doll.


“Child’s Play” Sequel AND Remake Coming Soon?


Since the past 2 years, there have been rumors floating around about a “Child’s Play” remake. So, I did some hardcore research and read that MGM is getting itself back together and there may be a “Child’s Play” remake and sequel in our near or far future with Brad Douriff (voice of Chucky) at it again. Brad Douriff attended the North Carolina’s Mad Monster Party last month ago and thankfully gave us an update saying that there is a remake and a sequel to continue this great horror franchise in development at the same time.

Next year being the 25th Anniversary of “Child’s Play” makes it even better to get these films into production and maybe finished by next year. Many fans of the horrifyingly, frightening Chucky want a remake… But will a remake and a sequel be as good as the originals? That’s what happens with many movies: they make a film, it does great, they make a sequel, it doesn’t do as great, they make a remake… You’re thinking Why’d they ruin such a classic? Sometimes sequels and remakes are great too, but most of the times; not really.

The possibly upcoming sequel’s title as of right now is “Revenge of Chucky”. Douriff is taking part in both the sequel and remake, but he says he hasn’t been sent a script for the remake yet. It is a 50/50 chance we will get either one of these films. For all the hardcore Chucky fans, just keep your fingers crossed.

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