Big Fish Games’ “Haunted Halls: Fears From Childhood” Review


I had the fearsome pleasure of playing the Big Fish Games “Haunted Halls: Fears From Childhood” with Horrorcrone. This game centers on evil Dr. Blackmore and his evil experiments with stealing children’s fears through a mechanical mirror of some sort. The graphics were awesome! Especially in the game’s introduction. In the beginning of the game after you press “Play” (if you don’t skip it) this very well drawn animation with amazing graphics is shown. One thing that was great from the intro was a normal teddy bear suddenly glares up at you with its sharp and threatening teeth! Horrorcrone and I were not at all expecting that!


Your task is to save several children from their fears. For instance, one child’s fear is wolves. Once you save him from the wolf, his fear of wolves is no more! Through puzzles and hidden-object games, you succeed in your goal. But it’s not so easy! There are many obstacles you must face to reach your goal. The storyline was not over complex, fast-moving, and engaging. However, we found the ending rather abrupt! We were left wanting more. No outro, no back story of Dr. Blackmore,it just returned back to the main screen! But overall, this game was very fun and interesting. We rated it a good 6 out of 10.

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Horror Games – BIG FISH GAMES, Phantasmat Review

By: RHfang


Being a lover of horror, I enjoy playing many of the computer adventure and horror games,  especially the ones that blend multiple game modes and have scary concepts! Like my overall favorite horror game, ‘Phantasmat’, a game full of mystery and dark secrets. Each place you visit is a keeper of some story, each character has something to hide. It’s up to you to discover all of the game’s mysteries.

‘Phantasmat’ is a creepy, disturbing, and fun game to play! When you start to play this game, you suddenly get stuck in it, and you can’t stop playing! What makes this scary game so scary are the places, the characters, and most of all the story. One of these scary places is the main one you’ll see throughout the game which is the “Drowned Dead Hotel”. This place is just  creepy. Not only the interior, but the exterior too! When you walk up to this-what it seems haunted house- it looks like there is a wrinkly scary old lady staring down at you from the window!

When you first enter the Hotel, you are creepily greeted by the Hotel Owner who whenever you’re around, you get the chills!

Current Drowned Dead Hotel’s manager is a distinguished charismatic man, and a walking mystery. Nobody knows anything about his origins, but for some reason he never left the town after the dam disaster and successfully runs the hotel to this day. Seemingly elegant, polite and glib, he clearly has an edge to his personality, that he would prefer to remain hidden. 

Before you meet the Hotel Owner, you meet a young lady who supposedly is trying to help you, but makes things slightly worse.

The girl came to the town to find some seasonal work and got hired as an assistant in the hotel. After the flood, she decided to stay at the hotel for some personal reasons.

When you first meet her, you get an uneasy feeling about her. The way she moves, talks, and goes about just isn’t normal in some way that you can’t put your finger on! She is really kind, but really rushed. Notice in the picture to the right she wears old-time clothes. As if she worked as a governess in the past…

But in the end, you’ll find she has a shocking secret!

Last but not least, we have the creepy old lady (Below). She may look like she just came from Michael Jackon’s Thriller music video, but she is a very important character in “Phantasmat”. She’s like one of those old creepy gypsy ladies. In some parts of the game, she has this tea that can tell the future! And in the end, like every character in “Phantasmat”, she has a shocking secret!

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