Evil Dead (2013) – Preview

Evil Dead


This coming April, a new remake of the movie “The Evil Dead” hits theaters. They are calling it “The most terrifying film you will ever experience”. From the looks of this trailer and the photos, it seems as if it will be the most terrifying film I will ever experience. The voices and the way the demonic zombie/creature things look is just very disturbing. I definitely will not be seeing this alone.

EVil Dead zombie

We can all expect a very gory film from Fede Alvarez, director and writer of Evil Dead. Demonic zombie upchucking blood onto victims, smiling severed heads, and people being shredded to pieces by chainsaws. That all sounds good right? Evil Dead sounds more of a extremely disturbing film than a scary one. All the kills are VERY gory.

“I think it’s when people go like ‘what’s going on?’, because everything you see is real, but you know it’s all make-believe-but at the end of the day she (character) has no arms and she’s walking in front of you pouring blood all over the place… And I remember somebody was telling me ‘I was sure that she had her arms somewhere’, then suddenly she (character) falls all over her arms, and people are trying to figure out the tricks (gory special effects). I love that interaction.” Director and writer Fede Alvarez said during an interview with Screenrant.

Check out the full redband trailer below, and tell us what you think!

Evil Dead hits theaters April 5, 2013!


“After Earth” (2013) Preview & Trailer

This June, get ready for Will and Jaden Smith’s return to the big screen in “After Earth”. The story of a young man (Will Smith) and his son (Jaden Smith) who have crash landed onto a mysterious planet that is mostly known as Earth. “After Earth” takes place 1,000 years after it has been evacuated by humans. Everything on the planet has evolved to kill all humans who get in their way. Oh, yes, and I forgot to tell you one other thing… This is an M. Night Shyamalan film!

“After Earth” does look like an interesting story and has all the 4 good qualities of your average M. Night Shyamalan film:

1, pretty good actors. 2, a unique story with a twist (the mysterious, deadly planet turns out to be Earth). 3, it contains drama that makes the story even more unique. Last but not least… 4, it is a good chance this movie has a random quick cameo of Shyamalan.

Shyamalan hasn’t made a classic film since 2002 with “Signs”, or perhaps even further back in 1999 when he came out with “The Sixth Sense”. Shyamalan’s past 3-4 films weren’t as good as he could normally do. Let’s hope After Earth can be Shyamalan’s come back!

“Insidious” Sequel To Release in 2013!


Everyone asked for it, now everyone will get it! In 2013, the sequel to Insidious is scheduled hit theaters! With same awesome and creative crew, Leigh Whannell (writer) and James Wan (director) are going to be running this (hopefully) amazing film. Leigh Whannell has already started the script. Jason Blum will also still be producing the film.

James Wan and Leigh Whannell are keeping the plot to this sequel a secret until they decide to give us more!

“Insidious 2” (a working title for the sequel) is going to start production later in 2012, and will come out in theaters some time in 2013. I -for a fact- am very excited for this new project from the great James Wan and Leigh Whannell. Hopefully it does as good as the first “Insidious”. On opening weekend, “Insidious” grossed a good 13.2 million dollars! And then worldwide it grossed about 97 million dollars! I also hope it is as good as the first movie! And maybe, they may start a franchise!

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