Trick ‘r Treat 2 Is HAPPENING!


In an exclusive screening for the 2006 horror anthology film, Trick’r Treat, director Michael Dougherty announced that a sequel is definitely a GO! In an interview with MTV News, the writer/director describes the upcoming sequel as “Found-footage torture porn”. What could this mean? Well, we’ll never know because Dougherty then followed it up by telling us he was joking. “We’re the antithesis of that.” he then said.

If you’re unfamiliar with Trick’r Treat, it’s a horror film that featured four different stories: an everyday high school principal has a secret life as a serial killer; a college virgin might have just met the one guy for her; a group of teenagers pull a mean prank; a woman who loathes the night has to contend with her holiday-obsessed husband.

What could director/writer Michael Dougherty have for us in this sequel? More information to come!



“American Horror Story: Coven” Premieres tonight at 10pm

First we have a haunted house, second we have an insane asylum, and now we have a witch coven. Tonight at 10pm, the highly anticipated season premiere of the hit horror anthology series American Horror Story: Coven haunts FX!

A first-look to the new scene was released less than 2 hours  ago featuring stars like Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, and Emma Roberts. Check it out below!


“Insidious: Chapter 2” (2013) – Review

Insidious: Chapter 2

Brilliance was defined in a simple one hour and forty-five minutes with James Wan’s highly anticipated horror sequel, Insidious: Chapter 2. This film pretty much gave Leigh Whannel and James Wan a VIP pass into the Masters of Horror lounge.

If you thought The Conjuring was great, oh, how you’ll love this little slice of fright– or should I say, BIG slice of fright! This had each one of my friends jumping and screaming in their seats (maybe a few Icees spilled). There were hardly any jump scares… just the clever brilliance of James Wan.

Insidious: Chapter 2 began right where we left off in Insidious. From there, I can’t say anything else. But, I will say that this film does explain the unexplained. It answers the unanswered. The way Leigh Whannel and James Wan unfolds the story it is just pure genius. The story is amazingly written, the scares are on point, the direction of the film was obviously great as well. Chapter 2 was just overall a fantastic horrifying ride.

…I will say — from what I saw — it looks like there could be an Insidious: Chapter 3… but, that’s just me. You watch it and tell me what you think. #DontGoAlone

Friday the 13th Sequel In the Works… How?


Friday the 13th is back in the hands of Paramount, and we have recently discovered that they are finally working on a sequel to the 2009 remake of the horror classic, Friday the 13th.

My question is, what else could they possibly do with Friday the 13th? They’ve done enough with this franchise in the past 40 years. Let’s take a journey through every Friday the 13th movie, shall we?

The second F13 film in the franchise, Friday the 13th: Part 2, which came out in 1981, has pretty much the same story as the first film, but Mrs. Voorhees is dead and Jason Voorhees takes her place. The famous hockey mask hasn’t been put on the famous killer in this movie, but he wears a bag over his head during the film as he kills the camp counselors.

Now, this is where the franchise began to go downhill. In 1984,Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter comes out. After this movie, we think it’s all finally over. Jason dies, he’s buried in the cemetery… how could there be a sequel? Wrong.

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning was released a year later in ’85. This movie was completely unnecessary in my opinion. Jason wasn’t even Jason. (SPOILER ALERT) During the entire film, it is an impostor who kills the victims. I don’t think they needed this movie at all; they should’ve gone straight to–

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6. This was actually a good and enjoyable movie. We are introduced to the most famous grotesque zombie-like Jason Voorhees. At the end of this one, the killer is chained at the bottom of Crystal Lake. Does this kill him? Of course not!

In Friday the 13th: The New Blood, we are introduced to a telekinetic/telepathic girl. Not that this was a bad movie, it was entertaining, but you can tell the creators are running out of ideas. In this movie, Jason is killed by the girl’s father, whom has been dead at the bottom of Crystal Lake for at least 15 years. As always, they find a way for Jason to come back and do more killing.

Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) and Jason Goes to Hell (1993)were just not good at all. Especially Jason Goes to Hell. The story of that movie was perhaps the worst horror movie story line that has ever been written… but on the bright side, Jason dies! Well, he dies in his physical body, but his spirit isn’t dead.

8 years later, Jason X is released. Jason X was very entertaining, but it had a bad story… and it made no sense. Jason Voorhees in space. Really? Jason in space? Not only does Jason X take place in space, but in the future… on a spaceship. What else could Paramount possibly do to Jason in a sequel? He’s been in space!

Finally, in 2003 Freddy vs. Jason was released. To this day, I have not seen this movie all the way through. I’ve only seen big chunks of this movie, and what I saw was not disappointing. I was expecting Damien Shannon and Mark Swift (writers) to ruin the name of the famous killers Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, but they didn’t, and neither did director Ronny Yu.

In 2009, the Friday the 13th remake is released into theaters. This remake is basically Friday the 13th (1980), Friday the 13th part 2 and 3 put all into one modernized film.

…After all this, what else is there to do with Jason? I’m interested in knowing what you think. Tell me in the comments below.

“The Conjuring” (2013) – Review

The Conjuring

James Wan’s latest horror flick The Conjuring has stirred up a lot of talk ever since it’s July 19th release in theaters. Lots of talk about how terrifying and life scarring it is. Every one of my friends who saw the movie in theaters came back shaking and claiming how they will never open a closet, look in a mirror, look at a doll, or peak into a dark area ever again in their lives. I want to feel the terror too! I saw The Conjuring yesterday with my horror movie companion Horror Crone and two of her friends… let me just say, the screaming did not stop.

Horror Crone actually found a new tick that she has, which she never new she had before while watching the movie. Each time a creepy situation or a jump scare happened in the movie, she would tap her feet against the floor as if she were running! I asked her what she was doing and she simply said “What do you mean?”. Just wow. This movie was actually very scary. It’s the James Wan movies that really effect you mentally. You don’t have to see a monster or a creepy looking ghost in a James Wan film to be frightened, but feel and hear what is going on. It’s that same feeling you get when you hear a weird sound in your home when you’re alone, but you don’t actually see what it is… but in The Conjuring, that feeling is twice as horrifying.

The Conjuring

I referred James Wan to be the Quentin Tarantino of horror movies. Why? Like Tarantino, James Wan has specific things in his movies that you can tell are, well, James Wan. In all James Wan movies, he uses the shaky camera a lot, he uses many panning shots, and he uses silence as a scary trigger. In most horror movies, you hear this long suspenseful musical note until the jump scare… In a James Wan film, there is silence. Either something happens or it doesn’t… most of the times it does, but sometimes it still is pretty scary even when nothing happens. James Wan also has some really spine chilling introductions to his movies. A James Wan horror movie never has a slow, non-creative, nor boring opening! And that is why we love director James Wan so dearly.

As for a simple review of The Conjuring: terrifying movie. The acting was brilliant, especially from the young actresses who portrayed the roles of the Perron sisters. One specific young actress who really stood out was Joey King who played the role of Christine Perron. She is definitely going far in her acting career, and I cannot to see what she has in store for us next.

The Conjuring is based off a true story, which also makes it scary to think that something like this could actually happen with the hauntings (most of us have experienced hauntings), poltergeists (we’ve all seen a poltergeist, right?), and so on. If you want to learn more about the true story about Ed and Lorraine Warren’s adventures, click HERE

If you have not seen the film yet, please go as soon as possible. And remember, Insidious Chapter 2 comes out in less than 2 months… get ready.

“This Is the End” (2013) – Review

this is the end

Now, I am sure you are wondering why I am reviewing a movie like This Is the End, when this website is clearly for horror movies only. You’d be shocked to know that this film is actually a horror  movie.

Based off a short film by Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel, This Is the End, starring Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, James Franco, Jay Baruchel, and Danny McBride plus many celebrity appearances, is a extremely hilarious, extremely bloody, really violent, and a very different (in a good way) film directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen himself. This is not like any other apocalyptic movie, this is definitely a classic. Although there are some very (very) inappropriate and gross scenes, This Is the End is sure to satisfy (everyone mature enough to handle it, that is).


This movie is basically a bunch of famous friends coming together and making a comedy movie with many great CGI effects, a ton of fake blood and guts, and lots of weed. But, that is not all what makes this movie so greatly made; there is the storyline. What they forget to mention in the trailers is that this movie is very biblical. Many appearances of demons and monsters… Even an exorcism now-and-then. Not the average demon, but one who has a little “rapey vibe” to it. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg did a brilliant job with this movie. This is a great example of what most of the movies these days lack… originality.

If you aren’t into very crude, sexual, messed up, immature, dark comedic gory movies filled with fire, demons, and complete terror… This isn’t for you.