by: Sultan

When I think of Halloween, I often times hark back to when I was a kid, filled with all the excitement and anticipation of dressing up in a cool Halloween costume, the awesomeness of filling my bag with all kinds of candy by the end of the night.  The fall weather was magical, soaring from door to door, the musical score was “Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet, Give Me Something Good to Eat,” or merely “Trick or Treat” for short. I was blessed with an assortment of candies, with the headliners being Twizzlers, Snickers, M&Ms, and candy corn, the sugar high satisfied for weeks.  Our costumes would compete, as we dressed up as our favorite super heroes or cartoon characters, occasionally running into another kid with the same costume, or depending on the trend at the time, running into several clones.  The creepy decorations on some of the houses were cool, as well as the spooky music, for some this was scary, to me it was fun. Like a lot of kids I looked forward to October 31st, I remember in school we used to have the Halloween parties, the teachers would decorate, we’d dress up, have sweets, and punch, and have a merry old time.  Now something that was a bit scary, and with good reason, was the haunted house, and even now as an adult, the concept of a haunted house remains cool.  I’ve been to several, some would be a ride, others a walk-through, some had people who would all but reach out and touch you, others had horrific screams and mood changing music playing in the background…what they all had in common was the darkness…one of the essential elements of fear…of course when it is dark, you never know, something could always JUMP OUT to get you, in darkness your eyes (and at times your ears) can be your biggest enemy.

Below are just some melodic thoughts on Halloween:

Harvest the pumpkins, you’ll make quite a scene, Illustrious, dreams. Visions of Halloween,
A costume party,
A picture of Dracula in the lobby,
A decorated mannequin posing as a dead body…
Are you scared yet? Hardly…
Delights of fright,
Frolic through the night,
She dresses like a devil with her fake horns, Nature, adorns,
As you consume tasty chocolates and caramel popcorn…