“Mama” sequel in the making?


The well-talked about horror flick Mama made $90 million with a budget of $15 million … And with that abrupt ending (no spoilers), does this mean there is a Mama sequel in the works? The answer to this question– maybe.

Mama’s box office mojo has put a great impression on the distributor of Universal Pictures International. The company has ideas of boosting the finance of the production, and start working on a sequel. Maybe even a franchise!

During an interview with Screen Daily, president of Universal Pictures, David Kosse says:

“We think there’s potential for a Mama franchise… We’d like to do another one. But those conversations are in the early stages. Mama is the first of this type of model that we’ve had enormous success with so there are more opportunities for this kind of film.” 

Mama, which came out early this year, was a very creepy, suspenseful, horrifying, and disturbing movie. I jumped almost every minute in the movie. Actor Javier Botet was brilliant as the ghostly Mama. Who knows what could be in store for us if this sequel (or franchise) does happen.


BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Mama writer, Barbara Muschietti made this shocking statement in an interview with Bleeding Cool:

“There has not been any talk at all about it. I read the initial article… I think the journalist asked if that was a possibility and David Kosse didn’t shut it down but he didn’t go into it.”

Well, this puts a new twist on everything you’ve read above. The writer and director (whom are brother and sister, Barbara and Andres Muschietti), which are both two of the most important roles in the movie-making process, didn’t know about any of this! This has been sparking up many rumors that Universal Pictures may want to do a franchise of Mama without its creators. Was David Kosse and his company that excited about making a franchise, that they decided to do it on their own?

This is kind of like a suspenseful television series… What happens next? Stay tuned.

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