“The Purge” (2013) – Preview

The Purge

Directed by James DeMonaco, this upcoming horror film is probably one of the most original ideas I’ve seen in a while. For one night, and one night only each year, all crime is legal. This movie takes place sometime in the future in “new America”. The Purge brings up a good question to the table: If you could commit ANY crime for 12 hours in one night, what would you do? Go murder some innocent people, do some robbing, or stay locked inside your home?

The Purge centers on a specific family that is put to the test of just that. The violent, murderous outside world breaks into their house! Imagine how terrifying that is… One dark night, all murder is legal, and all of it bursts into your house. Not only are they psychotic murderers, but they have creepy masks on too! Could it get any worse for this frightened family?

If you’ve seen the trailer, you see that a man is running away in terror from someone (or something). One of the protagonists in the movie lets him in without knowing what the man can bring in! Have no idea what I’m talking about? Watch for yourself.

See The Purge in theaters June 7.

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