Warm Bodies has been in the Top 5 Box Office Movies for 3 Weeks! & Warm Bodies also called “Zombie Romeo and Juliet”

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Warm Bodies was the hit zombie love story that was a best-selling novel by Isaac Marion. In 2013, Warm Bodies was made into a $50M grossing film that attracted teen audiences from all over the states!

For the past 3 weeks, Warm Bodies has stayed in the top 5 grossing movies in the box office. People are calling Warm Bodies a modernized, zombie edition of Romeo and Juliet. I must say, when you compare and contrast Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to Warm Bodies, the two are extremely similar.

The main character’s name in Warm Bodies is R. In the novel (and  movie) R could never remember the rest of his name… Perhaps his character symbolizes Romeo (R) in the hit Shakespeare play. Second, R’s best friend’s name was M. Just like R, M could not remember the rest of his name. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo’s best friend was Mercutio. M symbolizes Mercutio just as Julie symbolizes Juliet. The rest of the story is pretty much the same as Romeo and Juliet. The zombies rival over the humans and the humans rival over the zombies just as Romeo’s family rivaled over Juliet’s… But that didn’t break their love did it?

If you haven’t seen Warm Bodies yet, I truly recommend seeing this movie.




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