“Mockingbird Lane” (2012) – Review


On the Friday before Halloween, NBC released a special remake of the hit ’60s show, The Munsters. Titled “Mockingbird Lane”, this remake added a new twist to the original series. As I said before, most of the characters in the show had many “modernized” modifications. In the 1960s, Herman is more goofy and funny… Here in this 2012 remake, Herman was more serious… Although this remake was very funny, there was also some drama and horror (as there should be in a Halloween special).

“Mockingbird Lane” had very good writing, nice cinematography, and amazing special effects! You could already tell from the first 5 minutes they spent a whole lot of money with this one. I really enjoyed this remake, and I hope they could make it into a series… Just a thought.

That is pretty much all there is to say about this one! If you didn’t catch it, it comes on again some time this weekend! I recommend you watch this if you are a Munsters fan… If you’re not really a Munsters fan, there’s still a good chance you may still enjoy this.

Check out this clip from the movie!


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