The Darkest Hour (2011) – Review


“The Darkest Hour” came out Christmas day of 2011, and HorrorCrone and I just around to seeing it on Pay-Per-View. This movie did’t get really good reviews, or didn’t do well in the box office either. But this holiday horror was an ok film. The special effects were good but they could be a little cheesy at some points of the film, the acting was decent and got better throughout the movie, and the concept was interesting.

The plot: In Moscow, five young people lead the charge against an alien race who have attacked Earth via our power supply. (IMDB)

I actually kind of enjoyed the film quite frankly… It wasn’t great, amazing, or stunningly brilliant but I enjoyed it. Of course until the end of it. The ending (which I will not give off because not everyone has seen it yet) disappointed me a little. The movie just suddenly ends, you don’t really get a good background story about how the aliens/creatures came to be. In one part they do say that the aliens were coming to Earth for a specific reason (which I will not spoil and say), but that’s not enough! I want more!

“The Darkest Hour” made a total of $21.4 million. The budget of the film cost about $30million. I actually want a sequel. People are still debating on whether or not a sequel is in the future. Is it possible they will make a sequel? I guess it is possible, then again, everything is possible.

If you have seen “The Darkest Hour”, did you enjoy it? What are your thoughts? If you haven’t, what do you expect in it? Tell me what you think on Twitter (@rhfang), Facebook, or just in the comments below.

One thought on “The Darkest Hour (2011) – Review

  1. Horrorcrone here. I totally agree with you, Fang. I would have been pretty upset if I paid even matinee prices for this movie, but as a Friday the 13th Pay-Per-View, it was ok. I loved the fact that the main character looked more than slightly like Sam Worthington from Avatar fame, and the main female character reminded me of some other actress I can’t remember. And I loved how the aliens murdered the humans: quick with minimal mess. Neat. Terrible having body parts all over that one has to find a way to dispose of. Essentially wringing a person out of existence with a bit of dust remaining is, you gotta admit, a very earth-friendly solution. Anyway, I give it one severed finger for theater worthiness, and three severed fingers for “hanging out in the media room watching with your esteemed TotallyHorror colleague” worthiness.

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