“Cloverfield Sequel” Will Happen… But When?


Everyone who is a monster movie fan and loves Cloverfield (like me) is dying to know about the Cloverfield sequel. Questions like “Will it happen?” and “When will the Cloverfield sequel come out?” have been floating around the internet. Cloverfield screenwriter Drew Goddard says during a recent interview with Collider.com,

“I wish I had a better answer (laughs), I wish I had an answer where it’s like, ‘Oh the sequel’s starting shooting at this time next year,’ but the truth is, these things take time.”

And last year during an interview with Total Film Magazine, Matt Reeves, Cloverfield director, says,

“You are going to see it (Cloverfeild sequel) – we just don’t know when.”

Reeves also said that the most difficult part of making a sequel is if it will be shot in real-time. How will they do this perfectly for a second time? So, from the information we know from the past couple of years, we know that we’ll definitely get a sequel of Cloverfield, but we just have no idea when and how.

I, personally, really would want to see a Cloverfield sequel. With that, we’d probably get more information on the monster and how it came to be. What do you think about a Cloverfield Sequel? Did you like the first one?

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