“Chronicle” (2012) – Review


Oh. My. Gosh. This movie was amazing. The plot focuses on teenagers who discover something in a huge hole in the ground. This scene was very action packed. It also left me asking many questions. They didn’t really show how they escaped.

The main character, Andrew, started out as a total nobody and in the end he was perhaps the most powerful thing ever. And that’s pretty much all I am going to say about the end of the movie.

One of the many very creative things were how the whole movie was shot with the camera’s that were available in the scene, and not by the normal movie cameras. For example, if there are security cameras in the scene, you’ll see the way the scene would look through a security camera. So some of the film was dead silent. Although some scenes were silent, the film was still just awesome!

The special effects were downright unbelievable! With a film like this and Telekinesis, you know you need good special effects. There were many action scenes in it and well done effects too. It was a very realistic science fiction-y type of movie. The acting made the film more realistic. If there was bad acting, this movie wouldn’t be as epic as it was.

I really think there will be a sequel. If you saw the end of the movie, you know what I mean. But I won’t give any spoilers so, find out for yourself!

I rate “Chronicle” a 4.8/5 stars! Great work!

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