The Woman In Black (2012) – Preview


Daniel Radcliffe stars in his first feature film other than “Harry Potter”! And the great thing is that it is a horror.

Now, after watching the trailer of this movie, I am currently thinking that this movie is going to be more of a creepy and disturbing film. Daniel Radcliffe is a very good actor (judging from the Harry Potter films) so this movie should do very well. Or -as I said before- it could just be one of those horrors where the trailer is better than the movie. Kind of like “The Devil Inside”.

The first trailer I saw for this film was in the movie theater. They set it up like there was a hidden camera in the theater, and then they focused on some specific people in the theater. It was very cool. I actually waved, thinking there was an actuall hidden camera. But then, once they focused on a specific guy, you suddenly see the horrifying “Woman In Black”. Everyone in the theater was shocked. No one was expecting that at all! That was a great way to promote a movie.

I think this movie is going to be amazing! But we just have to wait and see. “The Woman In Black” hits theaters February 3rd! I am definitely looking forward for this movie!

Here’s the HD official trailer:

(source for trailer –

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