“Eyes To See” Review

by Horror Crone


I had the fearsome pleasure of reading Eyes To See, the first installment of the Jeremiah Hunt Chronicles.  The cover art was tempting, and the first few pages snatched me into the story.  The protagonist, Jeremiah Hunt, exhausted by the vain search for his missing daughter, finds himself enmeshed in an occult underworld that exists within our own, complete with engrossing characters and truly frightening monsters.  Not since the work of Charles de Lint have I read such amazing urban fantasy, but with a far darker cast than de Lint’s and true chilling mystery at its core.  The resolution of the story was very satisfying, and I truly grieved turning the last page.  This is the first book I have read by Joseph Nassise and it has left me hungry for more.

The author has a wonderful website http://josephnassise.com/ where you can learn about his books, appearances, and upcoming events.  This is definitely an author to watch in the world of urban fantasy.  Go out and grab or download a copy of Eyes To See; you won’t be disappointed!

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