Halloween (2007) Review


The film “Halloween” first came out by John Carpenter in 1978 starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Years later in 2007, Rob Zombie remade the horror classic starring Scout Raylor-Compton as the great Laurie Strode. The 2007 remake was very well made! Daeg Faerch, who mastered the role of the 10 year old Michael Myers, was amazing! He made his character look so crazy and psychopathic (which was good). His acting was great. He also apparently did his own stunts in the film! My favorite scene with Daeg was when he was beating up his bully.


Tyler Mane (also former WCW wrestler), who played the role of the grown Michael was great too! Although he never spoke during the film, he brought out the psycho in Michael Meyers. I think he was the perfect choice for the grown Michael because he is very tall and looks threatening. And if you’re playing a dominant killer like Michael Myers, you need that look.

Scout Taylor-Compton who mastered the role of young Laurie Strode, did an epic job! She is a very talented actor in my opinion. You can see more of her in “Halloween II” (2009) which is a sequel to “Halloween” (2007).


This film didn’t have that much of a budget. But when you think of it, for a film like this, all you need is a mask, some knives, good sets, and a whole lot of blood.  I rate this film a 7.8/10. With great acting, great costumes, great make-up, and great sets!

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