Horror… Sweet, Horror

by: Horror Crone

The reason all things supernatural are irresistible to many is because every day we live side by side with the possibility of a unique happening, a haunting, or a visitation.   Regardless of whether you entertain the notion of parallel universes, interpenetrating dimensions, life after death, reincarnation, religious principles, psychic phenomenon, heaven and hell, monsters and demons, angles and fairies, sentient life beyond the stars, or simple incomprehensible occurrences, there is always the chance that THE OTHERNESS will brush up against you and refuse to be denied.

You sit alone studying in a quiet house and suddenly, eerily, you hear the light tap of a footstep on the floor or the soft scrape of a door opening.  You sit up suddenly, feeling the creeping horror of indecision: should you go and investigate, knowing there is no one in the house with you, or should you tell yourself you must have misheard, that your imagination is running away with you.  As you sit debating, the hairs rising on the back of your neck, you hear something whispered, too softly to be understood, and terror courses through you.  You stand up sweating with dread, wondering what will terrify you more: the door to the room opening and seeing nothing in the doorway, or seeing a ghostly specter hovering, its empty gaze starring into you…

You see: irresistible.  As disturbing as the above scenario is, it is still appealing to us.  We wonder how we would handle this same situation and if we would let the terror run away with us.  We all hope that logic would prevail and we would calmly ignore the sounds or confidently stand up, investigate, and get back to our studies.  But could we really silence the small voice in our heads which whimpers in fear when the wind rattles the window panes, footfalls sound on the stairs, and shadows caper and dance just beyond our vision?  What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Horror… Sweet, Horror

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